Nest Assured
Nest Assured
with Julie
Nest Assured with Julie

 New parents? No worries.

You are not alone. 


Confident parents raise confident babies.

Nest Assured’s purpose is to better prepare moms and dads for the early weeks of parenting, so you can be more confident and relaxed as new parents. We will focus on changes in lifestyle, family relationships, and understanding your infant.

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I am pleased to share with you what I know about living with a newborn in an evidence-based, collaborative, judgment-free, friendly environment all brought to you honestly, with kindness and a sense of humor.

This will not be your grandma’s view on parenting. We will get real about this transformative time. There will certainly be laughter and there might be tears. You will leave full of tips and strategies to navigate your first few months as a parent to your beautiful baby.

If this sounds right for you then I can work with you in small groups or individually as you prefer.



1-on-1 Sessions

We will cover newborn characteristcs & habits, sleeping, soothing and postpartum for the whole family.

Available as single or multiple sessions.

Upcoming Group Classes

Saturday, April 27th, from 12:30-3:30pm
Price: $249

Heart to Hand Healing Center (2nd floor)
100 White Plains Rd, Tarrytown

As a birth doula and mother of three grown children, I get it.

I want to teach you what I know and help you prepare for what living with your new baby will really be like. Straight up, no sugarcoating, in all its sleepy glory.


Communities used to be closely knit, with multiple generations of families living in close proximity to one another. Older generations would share their knowledge of new parenting with younger generations. Things have changed since those days, but that doesn’t mean that you and your family have to navigate this transitional time without help.

During the prenatal period, most of the focus is placed on caring for the pregnant mama as she progresses through her pregnancy, on to labor, and, finally, to birth. But what happens after that?

My class will help you to ask and answer questions before you bring your baby home, so you have the tools you need to flourish as new parents.



Julie Hartman


I am a new parent educator, a certified lactation counselor, and birth doula. Most importantly, I am the mom to three loving, caring, independent, and well-rounded adult children. Raising my kids and being a doula have given me the best possible credentials to share knowledge with younger generations of parents.

I am honored that you are considering adding my knowledge to your preparation as you grow your family. Ushering you into this new phase of life with care, and armed with a bit of firsthand knowledge, is the best way to set you up to be confident parents raising confident children.

Interested in learning more about how we can work together?